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Mobile Home Shopper
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The affordability of manufactured housing is mainly attributable to the efficiencies of the factory process. The controlled environment and assembly line techniques remove many of the problems of the site-built sector, such as poor weather, theft, vandalism and damage to building products and materials stored on site. Also, factory employees are trained, scheduled and managed by one employer, as opposed to the system of contracted labor in the site-built sector.

Manufactured home producers also benefit from the economies of scale, which result from being able to purchase large quantities of building materials and products. As a result they are able to negotiate the lowest possible price for items that are invariably more expensive in a site-built house.

The factory process builds the home from the "inside out," which results in ease of installation for interior walls and plumbing and electrical systems. The house and materials on an assembly line travel to the workers, with scaffolds, tools and materials within easy reach. Computer-assisted design (CAD) programs also offer speed and flexibility for manufacturers.